Artsonje Center and Gertrude Contemporary announce their collaboration for the City Within the City exhibition to open November 11, 2011 in Seoul and August 2012 in Melbourne.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gertrude Contemporary in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 17 August 2012 to Saturday 22 September 2012

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Published by anonymous on Monday 07 November 2011.
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City Within the City – presented in South Korea and Australia, two of the most urbanised countries in the world – seeks to uncover and interweave fictional, composite, fabricated and re-purposed narratives where human subjectivity encounters the built environment.

With the majority of the world’s population dwelling in cities, the human body and imagination have also become increasingly contained within the commercial and industrialized zones defining today’s cities. By addressing different points of friction, misalignments and moments open to re-imagining existing circumstances, City Within the City views urban spaces as increasingly active sites for creative investigation and transgression. Reflections on architecture, urbanism and even environmental art taken from sources as diverse as literature, cinema, or political and social theory underpin works by South Korean, Australian and international artists. This grouping of works brings to the fore points of impact between subjectivity and the built environment. City Within the City also takes into consideration the drag of history – both personal and bureaucratic – which is apparent with its theoretical relapses and developmental implosions.

City Within the City occupies these moments of collision within experiences, theories, and desires. The works presented expand perspectives on issues such as governmental driven urban growth and development and humanity’s widespread impact on the environment. However, the parallel and tangential ways adopted by City Within the City and the artists’ works it features, are the site for re-imagining the possibilities for engagement with the cities within our cities.

Artists: Abraham CRUZVILLEGAS, Nayla DABAJI and Ziad BITAR, Alicia FRANKOVICH, Emil GOH, Jinyeoul JUNG and Changmo AHN, Yeondoo JUNG, Ash KEATING, KIM Beom, Jooyoung LEE, Minouk LIM, Listen to the City, Andrew MCQUALTER, Part-time Suite, Hyunsuk SEO, Haegue YANG, Jun YANG, Suyeon YUN and Jinyoung KOH.

Curatorium: Sunjung Kim, Claudia Pestana, Hyejin Lim (SAMUSO) with Alexie Glass-Kantor, Emily Cormack (Gertrude Contemporary)

Curatorial Collaborators: Hyejin Sung, Jeong Yoon Choi, Lee Juyoung (SAMUSO) with Amita Kirpalani, Michael Baldwin (Gertrude Contemporary)