Remote by Leigh Backhouse is a collection of photographs that intends to elicit spontaneous responses, rather than provide specific and obvious narratives. Though these images assert remoteness – emotional, biological, physical, geographical, and ideological – they declare a surreal, atmospheric warmth.

Art Exhibition previously on at Colour Factory Gallery in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 10 November 2011 to Saturday 26 November 2011
Launch Thursday 10 November 2011, 6-8pm

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Published by Colour Factory Gallery on Monday 07 November 2011.
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And while each photograph is lasting, it captures a moment fleeting as a meteor. Inspiration for this series was drawn from the subliminal stimuli montage from Alan J. Pakula’s film The Parallax View. This offers an insight into the sense of paranoia, conspiracy, isolation and seclusion that may emanate from the images. Consistent with Leigh’s oeuvre, the cinematic images possess dark, eerie, mysterious qualities that encourage the mind to drift into an otherworldly state. This unknown territory, like that of a dream, the subconscious, and the hallucinogenic, amplifies the uncanny notion of time that is specific to the series. In Remote, the past coexists with the present; what is real and unreal is unclear. On inspecting Leigh’s prints – surreal hues contrasted with deep, velvety blacks; careful composition and sublime grain – one can clearly see they are magnificent objects of beauty and serenity.

Leigh is a Melbourne based artist who has been exhibiting in commercial and artist run spaces in Australia for over ten years. His work was selected as part of the Contemporary Landscapes exhibition curated by Linsey Gosper at Colour Factory Gallery in June this year. Leigh’s work is held in private national and international collections.