You Think Sew


You Think Sew by Jade Walsh is new mixed media works in textile and fabric (stitched drawings and sewing on screenprinting, digital images shrouded in fabric sewn text) exploring vulnerability, humour and play in themes of relationships and longing.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Library Artspace in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 23 November 2011 to Saturday 17 December 2011
Launch Wednesday 23 November 2011, 6-8pm

N words for (red girl)

Published by The Library Artspace on Wednesday 09 November 2011.
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love is heartache
is it?
so far for me it is
yeah are you serious?
do you still have faith in it ?
do you visualise it?
I have scenarios…I must have about 15 a day but then I’ve got a
pretty vivid imagination
is it too hard to imagine your ultimate partner to end up with
if you have not found him yet?

Using metaphors of courtship Jade Walsh is concerned with transferring through the work, a sense of intimacy and familiarity yet a vulnerability and discomfort in regard to love, longing and the brokenhearted. This work has been fuelled by personal experiences and refers especially to lovesongs, French literature and Aussie vernacular. Through working with a combination of processes and media i.e sewing, the layering of fabric, and the printed /digital image, questions such as ‘what to reveal/what not to reveal’’, are negotiated like the questions in social situations.

She is interested in a notion of intimacy and the place where the private becomes public and that which is ‘socially acceptable’. Through the work she attempts to reconcile difficulties such as displays of emotion and confessions, with objectivity and humour through dialogue and use of layers.

The work is an exploration of sentimental and female values and cliches through the written word and the constructed image. It is tactile, colourful, playful, graphic and humourous. Materials are sourced through the immediate environment, screenprints and mis-prints, salvaged off-cuts, leftovers remnants, reminiscent of out back of a fabric supplies warehouse or op-shop. Through laborious sewing into the night and the obsessive manual labour of the DIY, patterns, samples are blended and tulle, wallpaper, vinyl etc are combined through to subtly imitate digital ways of image manipulation through a simplified manual approach. She investigates found imagery sourced from catalogues encyclopaedias, pop culture to recontextualise it.

A zine will be on sale for the duration of the show.


Wednesday to Saturday 12-5pm
The Library Artspace
100 Barkly St, North Fitzroy VIC 3068