Wim Delvoye

One of the works MONA visitors hate the most is Cloaca Professional (2010) the creation of Wim Delvoye. However, the ‘O’ interpretation device also reveals that visitors spend more time with this work than any other piece.

Art Exhibition previously on at Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania, Australia.
From Saturday 10 December 2011 to Monday 09 April 2012

Dual Möbius Quad Corpus image Tim image

Published by Museum of Old and New Art on Thursday 08 December 2011.
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Therefore, it seemed apropos to offer a retrospective revealing more of this Belgian artist’s useless productive art – from his intricately hand-carved tyres to Delft Blue-adorned gas canisters and shovels, tattooed pigskins, Tattoo Tim, a Gothic cement truck and, yes, more cloacae to ponder.

Delvoye is well known for his exploration of what it means to be human. Using X-ray images of humans and animals and the scatological works audiences love to hate, he argues that art today is best used to explore, not whether we come from monkeys but how we differ from a grain of rice or even a mouse.

This is Delvoye’s first solo exhibition in Australia.

And why not tour the exhibition with Tattoo Tim, Wim Delvoye’s living, breathing human artwork, who will be leading tours of Wim’s beautiful and disgusting work (you choose) from 10 December to 29 January, Wednesday to Monday (including Tuesday 17 January, when we are usually closed – except this particular Tuesday) at 11am.

Curated by David Walsh, Olivier Varenne and the MONA Team