Pipilotti Rist

I Packed the Postcard in My Suitcase

Art Exhibition previously on at ACCA - Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Victoria, Australia. Published by anonymous on Tuesday 13 December 2011. Wednesday 21 December 2011 to Sunday 04 March 2012. Opening Tuesday 20 December 2011 6pm - 8pm.

Pipilotti Rist,
Gravity Be My Friend (2007) image

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Lush and Edenic, sexy but sinless, the hedonistic pleasure worlds created by Pipilotti will delight, refresh and chillax you. Pipilotti’s vivid video environments take you into a dream state of elements. Earth, wind, fire and water are alchemically activated in her mesmerizing loops of trippy experience. This major exhibition, will be the first major survey of her works to be shown in Australia.

Named a “guilty pleasure” by British critic Adrian Searle, Pipilotti Rist is one of this century’s most sought after artists and has shown in major exhibitions, biennales and festivals around the world, including the Venice Biennale in 2005 where she represented Switzerland with the stunning installation Homo Sapiens Sapiens in the Church of St. Stae.

Her works are epic and lush and often deal with issues related to gender, sexuality and the human body, but in a way that evokes a sense of unadulterated happiness and innocence..

Her ACCA exhibition, the first major presentation of her work in Australia, will bring together several key works from Rist’s recent exhibiting history, as well as a new commission which will spread across ACCA’s main exhibition hall with kaleidoscopic glee.

“Pipilotti’s works are visually sumptuous and organically overloaded with a playful fecundity. They are gorgeous, hypnotic and just a little addictive. Sexy is sinless and naughtiness is without wickedness in Rist’s playful romps through the elements of earth, wind, water and fire. Dislodged from narrative but anchored in nature, Rist’s works hold the viewer in a loop of experience and deliver a heightened awareness of sensuality.”- Juliana Engberg


Pipilotti Rist: I Packed the Postcard in My Suitcase