Tim Hawkinson

Mapping The Marvellous

For his Australian premiere, the MCA in association with Sydney Festival presents Los Angeles-based Tim Hawkinson, whose ingenious constructions of everyday objects have brought him widespread recognition as one of the most original artists working today.

Art Exhibition previously on at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) in Australia.
From Tuesday 11 December 2007 to Wednesday 05 March 2008

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Published by M.C.A. on Friday 01 February 2008.
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Known for his large-scale kinetic and sound-producing works, Hawkinson’s intricate and playful constructions engage with the human body and portraiture, incorporating mechanical components and materials such as
latex, plastic, cardboard and string.

Other works refer to our obsessive human need for order and containment, using maps and charts, volumes and measurements to document the world in all its excess.

For his MCA solo exhibition, the artist presents sculptures, photo collages, and drawings from the mid 1990s to the present. It introduces his extraordinary new creations – amoung them a bat created from shredded black plastic bags and twistie ties – as well as inflatable self portraits, monstrous beings and fantastical struct ures that chatter, whistle, rotate and spin.

ADMISSION: $10 Adult / $7 Concession & children/ $20 Families/ MCA Members free