Woman in Shadow

Human exile and re-settlement is fraught with challenges, and the Hawke Centre is proud to be hosting the artistic probing of this scenario.

Art Exhibition previously on at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in Adelaide precinct, South Australia, Australia.
From Monday 16 July 2012 to Wednesday 15 August 2012

Woman in Shadow image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 12 January 2012.
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Nasim Nasr shows the impact on the individual as they move from one culture to another, and especially the effect on their identity, and how they convey that identity. To quote the artist: “my work focuses on the idea that the specificity of the world is defined through an experience of a single existence unfolding in a particular context; the manifestation of this experience is then based on the subsequent understanding of unalterable and irreplaceable memories of identity and power.”

Nasim Nasr graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from the Art University of Tehran in 2006 and completed her Master of Visual Arts (Research) at the School of Art, Architecture & Design, University of South Australia, in 2011.

Presented during the South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA)