Out of Sudan

The Hawke Centre is presenting a story here that brings together Australia and the formerly war - torn Sudan. It is the account of Angelo Mapial, a Sudanese/Australian man, who returns to his homeland after 26 years, having fled the Sudan after being severely tortured and threatened.

Art Exhibition previously on at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in South Australia, Australia.
From Monday 22 October 2012 to Wednesday 21 November 2012

Out of Sudan image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 12 January 2012.
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Angelo takes a small digital camera with him and captures extraordinary images of village life; blacksmiths working under primitive conditions, adults playing a backgammon-like game in the dirt, a goat being killed and butchered, women pounding corn to make flour. Despite never having used a camera before, Angelo’s photos are a unique insider’s view of traditional village life, the people, the markets, the hut building, the cooking and the spontaneous outbursts of celebration.

Proceeds from the sale of signed copies of the photos and DVD will assist the building of a school room in the same village that is featured in the exhibition.