Chinese Australia

Curated by Venita Poblocki

The artists Zhong Chen, Chonggang Du, Song Ling, Lindy Lee, Kordelya Zhansui Chi, Zhou Xiaoping, Robin Eley, Owen Leong, Cyrus Tang, Pei Pei He and John Young comment on issues such as physical identity and culture, dislocation and belonging, and loss and renewal within the context of their Chinese heritage. What does it really mean to be a Chinese-Australian?

Art Exhibition previously on at Ausin Tung Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 15 February 2012 to Saturday 10 March 2012
Launch Wednesday 15 February 2012, 6-8pm

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Published by anonymous on Monday 23 January 2012.
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Psychologically and physically how do these artists place themselves within a Western culture, an alien country, and foreign social and political systems? And how do “Australian Born Chinese” and those with Chinese lineage view and relate to their ancestry?

This exhibition provides the framework for inter-cultural dialogue and showcases the innovation and diversity of mediums being engaged by these artists as they bring to the fore the day-to-day issues they face. Through painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation these artists traverse compelling topics that have become apparent through living in Australia. At a time of massive change as China “opens up” and the Chinese art market hits unprecedented heights, Chinese Australia looks at the resonance of home and the personal journeys of these artists.