Angela de la Cruz: Transfer

Angela de la Cruz has had an incredible 18 months. The London based artist was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2010 and in the same year won the highly prestigious Paul Hamlyn Award.

Art Exhibition previously on at Anna Schwartz Gallery - Sydney in Chippendale precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 04 February 2012 to Saturday 17 March 2012

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Published by anonymous on Saturday 28 January 2012.
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The Turner may exceed the Hamlyn in terms of glamour and media interest, but the Paul Hamlyn is at least as important in European art circles. Angela is showing her work in Australia for the first time since these prestigious award wins, opening Transfer at Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne on 4 February. A graduate from the prestigious Goldsmiths, the artist is known for her works which literally destroy canvasses to create a 3-dimensional sculpture. This obsession began several years ago when the artist accidentally snapped a canvas in two and discovered its beauty in that form. Her work is in part a comment on the decline of painting in the 21st century.