Rod Cooper at Project Space level 1 #81 Bouverie St Carlton

Stratum an exhibition of recent paintings by artist and musician Rod Cooper. The works reflect structures from nature and the vast Australian landscape.

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 19 February 2008 to Tuesday 26 February 2008
Launch Tuesday 19 February 2008, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Desert series #1 60cmx90cm image

Published by anonymous on Saturday 02 February 2008.
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The artist carves panels of structural plywood and works the surface with saturated colour, applied with acrylic paint.

“Comfort in dissonance and solace in abstraction”.

I am a sculptor who loves to paint, my chisel is followed by my paintbrush.

The textures I create reflect natural structures.

Sometimes I will work from memory, and at other times I’ll work directly from the landscape itself.

My tools gouge into the tightly packed fibres of the timber substrate. I become lost while searching inside the possibilities of texture.

My paintings can be viewed from more than one position and I encourage the eye to roam over the object’s surface from various angles. I enjoy the way that the terrain of the carving creates light and shade.

For me, colour and form are inseparable.


The Project Space Level 1#81 Bouverie Street Carlton