Post-planning: Damiano Bertoli, Julian Hooper, Andrew Hurle, Alex Martinis Roe, Michelle Nikou

‘Post-planning’ refers to the unplannable, to doing away with preconceived ideas and starting something before you know where it finishes. The term comes from architecture and urbanism, but has more recently been used as an idea within curatorial practice. Hybrid terms like this suggest a way of crossing between disciplines, between straight lines.

Art Exhibition previously on at Ian Potter Museum of Art in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 31 March 2012 to Sunday 22 July 2012

‘Frameworks for Exchange, Workshop on Genealogies and Spaces Between Authorships’ image

Published by Ian Potter Museum of Art on Sunday 29 January 2012.
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The exhibition Post-planning allows us to follow artists who adapt methods in a similar way; making work by searching the mid-ground, applying ideas from one context or discipline to another. These five artists explore meta-structures and systems in their work. They seek the intensities that are produced at places of transition, edges, intervals and intersections. Each of them is more interested in patterns of thinking and new directions than in finish or conclusion.

Curated by Bala Starr.