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Yesterday's News is a project based on a personal audit of the media I consume and why I often make poor consumer choices. I try to be well informed, to read quality, well-researched, current journalism, but more often than not I find myself clicking on links leading to a gallery of Hollywood's shortest weddings, or cosmetic surgery procedures gone bad. It's a real dilemma.

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 10 February 2012 to Sunday 01 April 2012
Launch Thursday 09 February 2012, 6–8pm

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Published by CCP on Sunday 05 February 2012.
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There are so many issues to be concerned by and connected with, and I’m a firm believer that our actions can make for change. But there’s no denying the allure I feel toward the inner workings of the lives of people I will never know. It’s surreal.

Yesterday’s News addresses a media landscape in turmoil. This multi-disciplinary project engages with the battle between fact and fiction, our tabloid, celebrity gossip obsessions and ‘real’ current events news, for our attention.

The exhibition incorporates collage and home movies, blurring the boundaries between art and life. DVD footage shot from the collection of newspapers on microfilm at the State Library of Victoria contrasts with personal imagery and ideas surrounding the image-saturated landscape in which we now all live.

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