Salt Lake - Phoebe McDonald

Springsure Bicentennial Art Gallery

This series of photographs was taken during a ten-day solitary retreat at Lake Lefory, a dry salt pan in Western Australia. These photographs document the way that changes in light transform the appearance of a white landscape. They also record the subtle changes and cyclic events that occur in the natural environment over time.

Art Exhibition previously on at Springsure Library and Bicentennial Art Gallery in Queensland, Australia.
From Monday 27 February 2012 to Friday 23 March 2012

Edges preserved image Mauve shadows image Corrosion image Mound image Ochre image Crystallised image Dissolving mauve image Carved shadows image Glare image Towards dusk image Solitude image Tessellation image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 05 February 2012.
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Phoebe McDonald is a Brisbane-based artist. Her work explores interconnectedness and impermanence, and she has an ongoing interest in the nature of light, time, space and perception. Phoebe has a Bachelor of Photography with First Class Honours from QCA. Her work has been exhibited in artist-run, commercial, university and regional galleries.


Springsure Bicentennial Art Gallery
27 Eclipse Street, Springsure, QLD