Alick Tipoti 'Malungu'

Lino Prints for the Badu Island (Torres Strait Islands)

"My art is built on, and held together by, traditional Torres Strait designs, based on legends of the past." His printmaking continues the Torres Strait Islander tradition of storytelling. He is especially interested in the Badu Island stories told to him by his father and other elders about sea creatures, headhunters, religious beliefs and life before colonisation.

Art Exhibition previously on at United Galleries in Perth precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Thursday 25 June 2009 to Wednesday 22 July 2009
Launch Thursday 25 June 2009, Monday - Friday 10.00am - 6.00PM Saturday 10.30am - 4.30PM

Alick Tipoti 'Gapul' 2006 57 x 38 cm image

Published by anonymous on Monday 04 February 2008.
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Alick Tipoti – Artist Story

Alick Tipoti is a Torres Strait Islander who is guided by the traditional cultural practices of his people. He believes in the Zugubal who were spoken about for many years by his ancestors. He is most diligent about what he sees as his responsibility to document the stories, genealogies, songs and other aspects of his culture so that it is available for future generations to learn, understand and practice.

He speaks his native language, Kala Lagaw Ya of the Maluilgal nation of Zenadh Kes. Alick believes that language is the vital ingredient that binds all cultures in the world today. ‘Without your language you become a foreigner, lost in another persons culture. One of my favourite English word is analyse. In my language we call it Ses Tham or Thapul. Singing and dancing are forms of art that branch out from the centrepiece called language. Everything you do, traditionally or culturally, evolves from a language. When you know the language, you know your culture.’


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