The Cage In Us

“Art is sort of an experimental station in which one tries out living” John Cage

Art Exhibition previously on at Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in Queensland, Australia.
From Thursday 12 April 2012 to Saturday 14 April 2012

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Published by Judith Wright Centre on Tuesday 20 March 2012.
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John Cage is widely considered one of the 20th century’s most influential composers and as part of worldwide celebrations commemorating his centennial in 2012, the Judith Wright Centre has partnered with Brisbane’s own Clocked Out to present a three-night festival exploring the many facets of this unique artist’s life and work.

The Cage in Us will feature a concert series interpreting some of Cage’s extraordinary chamber music, electronic music and multimedia works. There will also be a free event program comprising documentary footage and Artist Talks, as well as a set of ‘Music Circuses’ curated by Rebecca Clunn (exist), Vanessa Tomlinson and Joel Stern incorporating Cage-inspired installation, exhibition and performance

Featuring an all-star team of local, national and international guests, including Valerio Tricoli and Werner Dafeldecker, Kroumata Percussion, and Decibel, The Cage in Us will be a multi-arts experience as inventive and adventurous as the man himself.

The Complete Variations and One11 (refocused)

Decibel (Perth) and Joel Stern
- The Complete Variations
Lawrence English and Scott Morrison
- One11 (refocused)

Composed between 1958 and 1976, The Complete Variations demonstrated the evolution of aleatoric, multimedia and improvised music. Performed by Perth’s Decibel, Variations I – VIII will feature traditional musical instruments and period radios used alongside TVs, projections, photo cells, arduino, dancers, tape recorders and DIY circuitry to bring to life this incredible collection of works. Decibel will be joined by Joel Stern (Sky Needle, OtherFilm) for a striking rendition of Variations VII, a work described by The Guardian as “so unusual that it has achieved an almost mythical status during the 40 years since it was first performed.”

The Cage in Us will conclude with a presentation by Lawrence English and Scott Morrison of their new version of John Cage’s only film work One11, an astoundingly simple yet captivating exploration of light, contrast and texture. One 11 (refocused) is a homage to Cage’s work and methods, which involve all 17 sections of his score put through a series of chance operations, to develop a tonally rich musical composition that reflects on the densities and contrasts of the light on screen. It’s a piece that recognises Cage’s ongoing relevance, his vision and insight into the possibilities of art and music.