Christian Marclay: The Clock

For its much anticipated public opening on Thursday 29 March 2012, the MCA is delighted to announce the inclusion of Christian Marclay, winner of the Golden Lion for best artist at this year’s 54th Venice Biennale, with The Clock. The Clock has attracted record breaking crowds wherever it has been shown, and has been described as ‘the most complex thing made by any artist so far this century.'

Art Exhibition previously on at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) in The Rocks precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 29 March 2012 to Sunday 03 June 2012

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Published by M.C.A. on Saturday 24 March 2012.
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The Clock comprises several thousand short extracts from cinema history, each suggesting a particular time of day or referencing a specific moment, often through the appearance of a watch or clock-face. They are edited together to form a continuous visual sequence synchronised with the real time of visitors in the gallery who watch the film; and they suggest countless interlocking narratives despite the constant changes in genres, eras, locations and plotlines.

Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, MCA Director said: ‘The MCA is excited to bring to Australia this extraordinary and much sought after work of art. We are thrilled to be the first venue to show The Clock in the southern hemisphere and it complements perfectly MCA Senior Curator Rachel Kent’s opening exhibition Marking Time.’

Rachel Kent said ‘The Clock highlights the centrality of time within conventional cinematic narratives – the way it binds stories together and leads us through their events. Yet by the same token, cinema traditionally immerses viewers within an illusory sense of time, suspending momentarily the real time of the world outside. The Clock creates an uncanny correspondence between cinematic and real time, drawing viewers into a parallel awareness of what they watch on screen and experience beyond it.’

The Clock is a 24-hour video that will be shown in its entirety on the MCA’s opening day, then played continuously during regular museum opening hours. Every subsequent Thursday there will be a special 24-hour presentation of this work. The Clock will be shown in the MCA’s spacious Level 1 gallery in the new wing.


Christian Marclay was born in California in 1955 and grew up in Switzerland. He now lives between London and New York. He is an internationally acclaimed artist who has employed the concept of collage since the 1970s across diverse media including film and video, photography, installation, sound and music.