Woven through Melbourne’s peak hour pedestrian traffic, fifteen is a site-responsive work that critically dissects body language and proxemic theories to investigate human behaviour in the city. With the inevitable intrusion of strangers into our intimate zone, humans react by limiting body movement, avoiding eye contact, stripping emotion from the face and avoiding direct contact with strangers

Art Exhibition previously on at 2012 Next Wave Festival in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Monday 21 May 2012 to Friday 25 May 2012
Launch Friday 18 May 2012, 5pm

Fifteen image Fifteen image

Published by anonymous on Saturday 24 March 2012.
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Created, produced and performed in public space, fifteen invites audiences to immerse themselves in a live mixed-audio soundtrack, watching the performance emerge and disappear in the environment around them.

How much are we willing to engage with the unfamiliar. What are you doing? We are working.