The Subculture Project

by Moya Thomas

This interactive exhibition uses installation, sound, projection and performance to explore subcultures as a form of expression and rebellion. Moya Thomas comments on the constant re-appropriation from past subcultures in a supermarket of style by offering musical clothes for you to mix and match.

Art Exhibition previously on at Spectrum Project Space in Perth precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Saturday 09 February 2008 to Sunday 17 February 2008
Launch Friday 08 February 2008, Come and celebrate the opening of The Subculture Project at 7pm Friday 8th February. Gallery Hours for duration of exhibition: 2 - 6pm Wed - Sun.

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Published by anonymous on Monday 04 February 2008.
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Thomas has created The Subculture Project by gathering clothes from different subcultures including Teds, Mods, Rockers and Punks.

Select your subculture off the rack and try it on! The clothes are tagged and as you wander around the gallery space, you will come into range and your clothes will play you tunes representing your chosen subculture.

“We can be a mod one day and a punk the next without subscribing to the ideology. This project explores how today’s technology pervades our youth culture and is a major source of expression” says Thomas, “…it enables the ‘ground floor’ expressions (clothes), to become hijacked and turned into commodities.”

The exhibition also features a projection work of Moya’s own experiences exploring clothing from subcultures on a day to day basis.


221 Beaufort Street