The Exchange Program 2

The Exchange is a reciprocal process of development, presentation and exchange between young and exciting Italian theatre company Dewey Dell and Australian artist Justin Shoulder, facilitated by Artist and Creative Producer Jeff Stein.

Art Exhibition previously on at 2012 Next Wave Festival in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 24 May 2012 to Sunday 27 May 2012

The Exchange Program 2 image The Exchange Program 2 image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 25 March 2012.
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The Exchange features two programs of works, each with a work by The Exchange artists.

Grave (Dewey Dell)

Grave is an Italian word indicating something that has a weight, that is subject to the force of gravity. The movement of this short performance is about the sensation of a precipitating body, the slowness of its gestures, while gravity makes it crash to the ground, at a stratospheric speed.

The movement is firm in the speed. A motionless moment inside a body which knows it is going to crash to the ground.

The River Eats (Justin Shoulder)

Welcome to the Land of One Thousand Distractions. Here, all the comforts of the modern world materialize in 3D as you click ‘next’. Navigating this contemporary terrain is the creature Pinky – an over-caffeinated, hyperactive, attention-deficient demon. Within the synthetic web, Pinky is lost.

The River Eats is a contemporary fable exploring distraction in the digital age and our changing relationship to the natural environment.

The theatre becomes Pinky’s landscape. The audience journey with Pinky on a search for meaning, uncovering instinct and primal impulse.