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The Last Picture Show

The landscapes of Ted McKinlay straddle a precarious zone between fact and fiction. Occupying both the space of dreams and an almost psychotropic reality, the works recombine elements of traditional and picturesque vistas into a series of flat and fractured amalgams of lysergic line and colour.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Library Artspace in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 11 April 2012 to Saturday 28 April 2012
Launch Friday 13 April 2012, 6-9pm

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Published by anonymous on Sunday 25 March 2012.
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By continually encircling these somewhat contradictory themes (utopia and dystopia, concealment and disclosure, abstraction and figuration, beauty and violence) without advocating any form of permanent closure, the works thus allude to the perpetually-reconfigured and ultimately unresolved manner through which contemporary media(tised) culture construct and constitute our lives. By combining both images sourced from the media with those that have emerged from dreams and casual observations, McKinlay’s works are both mysterious, yet also strangely familiar; revealing the startling uniformity of our increasing tendency to synthesise all of our desires down to something that can be ‘googled’, along with the manner in which we then ‘crop’ our own organic thoughts so as to accord with the wishes and desires displayed across the surface of the screen.
(extract from The Last Picture Show- Dr. Damien Lentini 2012)


The Library Artspace
100 Barkly Street
Fitzroy North Vic 3068

Wed-Sat 12-5pm