CHAIR EXTRAVAGANZA can I offer you a chair

JUSTINE JACKSON The Library Artspace

Justine Jackson has been enamoured with ‘The Chair’ for 15 yrs or more and this will be her first solo show. Through this dedicated study Justine has been able to articulate in paint, the chair in various stages.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Library Artspace in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 12 May 2012 to Saturday 02 June 2012
Launch Saturday 12 May 2012, 5-9pm

Untitled image Street Abandonment image Untitled image Untitled image

Published by anonymous on Monday 07 May 2012.
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Chairs take the place of people, the chair becomes the portrait. The chair becomes a vehicle or signifier through which the psychology around social/cultural hierarchical structures can be interrogated. Examining people through their relationships with their chairs via the mode of still life studies, various chair paintings and studies along the way.

In more resent years Justine has been allowing the exploration of the one subject to give way to the painting quality alone. It is an object that gives the artist the opportunity to see the pictorial spaces, interconnecting shapes, the layering and overlapping thus allowing the painting to present itself in all its structure.
For example street abandonment consists 25 paintings of chairs that have been discarded on the street. A photographic image of this encounter has been captured from a real time moment becoming a source for Painting itself. Painting from a each of these photos allows Justine the freedom not to paint the subject that would be in front of her thus allowing her speed in the painting process and a slight quirkiness in the image. The shape over the top is giving back the neglected chair some life, through design and colour. Jackson paints the chair as found and then obscures it with the placement of the coloured shape, taking it away from its original intent. Though the chair is as important as the shape, there is a balance to the pictorial plain. Never the one be more important than the other, the negative spaces are just as viable.
Sit….relax…unwind and enjoy this Chair extravaganza…all about chairs , paint and colour


The Library Artspace
100 Barkly Street
Fitzroy North Vic 3068
Wed-Sat 12-5pm