Portrait Drawings from Colonial Australia

Elegance in exile is an exhibition surveying the work of Richard Read senior, Thomas Bock, Thomas Griffiths Wainewright and Charles Rodius: four artists who, though exiled to Australia as convicts, created many of the most significant and elegant portraits of the colonial period.

Art Exhibition previously on at National Portrait Gallery in Other Metro Canberra precinct, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
From Friday 01 June 2012 to Sunday 26 August 2012

Martha Sarah Butler c. 1845 image Self portrait c. 1849 image Thomas Griffiths Wainewright c. 1840 image William Robertson c. 1849 image View of Hobart Town in 1817 1817 image Jane Scott c. 1842 image Jane, Lady Franklin 1838 image North view of Sidney, New South Wales 1825 image Hobart Town 1840 image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 05 June 2012.
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An exhibition of sixty beautiful and rarely-seen drawings, watercolours and miniatures, Elegance in exile will examine the interplay of art, biography and history in their work, tracing the links between their own lives and those of their sitters to present a fine and vivid map of life, culture and aspirations in colonial Australia.