Cargo 08

Yandell Walton -

Cargo 08 is a project part of the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival and seeks to examine the convergence of fashion and art through an innovative and sophisticated projection technique that obscures the viewers’ perception of ‘real’ space and the projected.

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 01 March 2008 to Sunday 09 March 2008
Launch Saturday 01 March 2008, 8pm Allumbra Bar end of Shed 9

Cargo 08 image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 07 February 2008.
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Visitors to the public artwork will experience a trick of the eye as images of the female form are projected onto a three-dimensional sculpture cast from the same body. What appears to be a living and breathing female will be trapped inside the packing crates, a doll-like fashion cargo of a very different kind. The work, which comes alive each night at dusk, is located inside a 20-foot shipping container also features an atmospheric sound component to contribute to the sensory illusion.

Walton has been using projection and video installation to explore themes around the containment of the body, uncovering a metaphor for the interior space of the psyche. “My objective is to reveal another state, a space between what we perceive as real and what we experience within. Victor Burgin suggests that we ‘simultaneously inhabit two distinct and separate worlds’. One is mental, private and ‘internal’ the other physical, public and ‘external’. Cargo 08 explores these themes”.


Western tip Shed 9 Central Pier,161 Harbour Esplanade Docklands (opening at Alumbra Bar – far end of shed 9)