Liquid Architecture 13: Antarctic Convergence

Liquid Architecture 13: Antarctic Convergence has been conceived by the curators as a way of investigating the philosophical, social and environmental ramifications of the growing human presence in Antarctica through the activities of a diverse set of artists who have produced works from first hand encounters of the continent.

Art Exhibition previously on at Liquid Architecture in Victoria, Australia.
From Monday 25 June 2012 to Thursday 05 July 2012

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 20 June 2012.
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Specially curated by Lawrence English and Philip Samartzis, this program draws on a range of Australian and international artists who have undertaken fieldwork in various locations throughout Antarctica.

Celebrating the 13th annual festival presented by Liquid Architecture, this national program comprises a Performance Concert Program of live performance works in surround sound, an Exhibition program of spatial-temporal works, Artist Talks and Workshops and is presented in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Bendigo in June and July 2012.