Kathrin Longhurst

Dear comrade...

Biography Kathrin’s work reflects her diverse cultural background, having lived in many European countries and finally settled in Australia in 2000. Growing up in Communist East Germany Kathrin started taking life drawing classes at the age of 14 years. Her work is strongly influenced by social realism and communist propaganda art.

Art Exhibition previously on at Catherine Asquith Gallery (Archived) in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 03 July 2012 to Saturday 21 July 2012
Launch Saturday 07 July 2012, 2-4pm

Combat Girl image Spy Girl image Pilot Girl with Jacket image Girl with Ammunition Belt image Girl with Ammunition Belt image Girl with Ammunition Belt image Girl with Ammunition Belt image Jet Girl II image Comrade Maksymlova image Police Girl image Molotov Girl image Victoria M image Anoush image Meluxine image Elaina image Partisan Girl image Kossack Girl image Spy Girl image Army Girl image Star Girl Saluting image

Published by anonymous on Monday 25 June 2012.
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Kathrin spent a decade in Scandinavia visiting galleries in Denmark and Sweden as well as a year in Belgium where her work gained its Art Nouveau elements. She has since travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and America.

Kathrin has been a finalist in numerous art prizes, notably, the Portia Geach Award, the Shirley Hannan National Portrait Prize, the Mosman Art Prize, the Western Australian Black Swan Prize, just recently, a finalist in the 2012 Sulman Prize.

Artist Statement

It is not until recently, that I have fully embraced my roots and my history. I realise now that I had witnessed an important part of our history.

The result is that I now bring the heroines from my childhood back onto canvas albeit in a slightly altered form. My heroines are a satirical take on the propaganda images I was surrounded by. They are by no means meant to be taken seriously or meant to be a historical depiction of the time. I happily blend eras, countries and symbolism to create an eclectic mish-mash of propaganda and pin-up. I am experimenting with different mediums including stenciling and graffiti spray painting. I am using this technique to replicate some of the poster style art I saw during my childhood.