Evans is interested in the idea (proposed by Stephen Wolfram) that all we see around us is the result of fundamental, subatomic processes. These pictures are inspired by and are imaginings of such ideas. The imagery is created in the act of painting and are neither secondary representations of sketches or pre-planned pictures.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Library Artspace in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 04 July 2012 to Saturday 28 July 2012

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Published by The Library Artspace on Monday 25 June 2012.
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Forms and symbols evolve and migrate from one picture to the next each alluding to objects and processes- organic, mechanical and quasi-scientific or a hybrid of each. These paintings are made using a variety of tools and processes: brush and paint, spatula’s, scrapers, modified tools, spray paint, stencils, oil stick, strands of cotton, sticks on linen, canvas and board. They have been produced over the past 2 years.

Opening 4 July 6-8pm


The Library Artspace
100 Barkly St
Fitzroy North
Vic, 3068
Open 12-5