Re mix

Re mix is the inaugural exhibition for Gallery Ellipsis, an online gallery space managed by the La Trobe University, Centre for Creative Arts. Re mix exhibits works by two Australian artists Jenny Fraser and Soda_Jerk. The works can be viewed online.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gallery Ellipsis... in Australia.
From Thursday 01 December 2011 to Tuesday 01 January 2013

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Published by anonymous on Saturday 30 June 2012.
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Re mix | re-inhabit | rearrange | rethink | return
It makes perfect sense that re mix is the inaugural exhibition for Gallery Ellipsis…

Why a gallery and why an exhibition space I hear you ask? Isn’t ‘online’ by definition a horizontal world of image, text and video already? Isn’t it simply a remaking of a concept from RL? What could an online exhibition be? Frankly we don’t know either. As Ornette Coleman said you “play to play”. Gallery Ellipsis… will become a gallery as it becomes a gallery.

According to Rebecca Solnit the term ‘gallery’ is already a displaced and remade word. The term ‘gallery’ began as a literal gallery or corridor in the country houses of European aristocrats during the 17th century. It was a place to take a stroll during inclement weather, undercover, as it were. Pictures were added to the walls of these galleries for the stroller’s enjoyment and pleasure – an amusing pastime.

And how does re-mix enable us to rethink exhibition space?

The first exhibition is called Re mix. This heralds the direction of the gallery itself as it unfolds and evolves through time as a fluid space of work. This is the beginning – which is now – but with no foreseeable end. Artwork will remain in the Gallery for an indeterminate time, as other artwork will be added in an ongoing play with the time and space of the exhibition. We imagine the exhibition as both happening now, as well as an ongoing series of works that will be accumulated under the same theme. Re mix. In a way it will be a living archive.

To begin the Re mix, Australian artists Jenny Fraser and Soda_Jerk.

Jenny Fraser is a “ digital native” working across media in a diverse and highly energised practice of potential. Her work “name that movie” is an inspired work of great wit – a pun and a game. It’s a pun on the strategies of colonisation and the scripts inside our head – the cinematic movies we see and that we repeat as History. It is a canny recognition of the uncanny power of movies to make and remake. And a gripping and sometimes shocking recognition of the collision that happens between the interior and exterior narratives that run our world.

Soda_Jerk is a collaboration between sisters, Dan and Dominique Angeloro. Since 2002, Soda_Jerk have sampled and remixed what they call “found material” – old film and video. In their intense and intensely compelling video work they remix, rework and reshape old narratives into surprising and subtle ‘new’ stories for our own era – thus transporting us to alternate realities with alternate possibilities. In their work the world is remade and re-imagined.