Selectively Revealed

Selectively Revealed investigates the blurry line between the public and the private in artistic practice. The artist is presented as voyeur, muse, subject, performer and social commentator. Using screen based practices, each artist pushes and pulls at the notion of what is private and what is public, choosing precisely what, when, how or when not to reveal their subjects or themselves.

Art Exhibition previously on at Chulalongkorn Art Centre in Thailand.
From Saturday 09 June 2012 to Saturday 21 July 2012

Selectively Revealed image Live and Let Die image The Gaze image Camouflage image Runners image You Were in my Dream image Film for my Nana image The Swimmers image Rapture (silent anthem) image Videodromes for the Alone: The Lovecats image Conversation image We Dance in the Studio, (to that shit on the radio) image

Published by anonymous on Saturday 30 June 2012.
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Ultimately, everything is presented for scrutiny; an innermost feeling, a personal moment, a fear or failure, an everyday encounter, an experience of rapture, a banal endeavour. Much is revealed, celebrated and critiqued.

Due to the ongoing renovation at the Center of Academic Resources, Chula Art Center will close on these Saturdays:
April 28, May 5, June 16, 23, 30 and August 11