"Hello, my name is"


'This past Saturday, ISM Gallery an art opening entitled Hello, My Name Is… The opening was held at the Koos Art Center in Long Beach. And despite the rain, the rooms of the gallery were full of art lovers and hipsters.

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From Saturday 26 January 2008 to Saturday 01 March 2008

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Published by hayley miro on Saturday 09 February 2008.
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Upon arrival, guests had their pictures taken by a photographer and were asked to fill out two name tags, one to wear and another for a project ISM has in the works. We have yet to find out though, what will be the product of these two things.

A piece called Drink Up by Brian M. Viveros appears to have been the inspiration for the opening’s theme. Viveros’ work is also featured on the current cover of ISM Magazine’s. Drink Up is a strangely engaging painting of a drugged woman, set against a tapestry background, who gazes out at her spectators through heavy eyelids. While she is painted waist up, she wears only an armband that tells us “Hello My Name Is Drink Up”.

Although Viveros is a fairly well-known artist, ISM is popular for its encouragement of young talent (like Tuan!). It is a community project that attempts to spread a love for art through its gallery, magazine, and online resources. And the crowd at the opening definite proves its success to bring together the local artistic community.’