The Democratic Set

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The Democratic Set is a residency model that explores the belief that all people are, in principle, equal and should enjoy social, political and economic rights and opportunities.

Art Exhibition previously on at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) in Perth precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Tuesday 28 August 2012 to Sunday 21 October 2012

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Published by anonymous on Monday 09 July 2012.
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In form, The Democratic Set is an empty room constructed for the project. Acting as a visual soapbox, the physical ‘set’ is designed to be an egalitarian space, in which contributing artists and audience are able to project their own understanding of the principles that underpin democracy. Performances created ambitiously seek to be, both in form and content, unrestricted and uncensored explorations of the grand ideals of equality and freedom.

The residency will take place over four days and will involve participation from members of the public and local artists with and without disabilities working in theatre, dance, music, visual arts and film. THE SET will be placed in PICA’s main gallery space and the company will work with individuals and groups to capture multiple 16-second performance sequences in THE SET. These are then edited together into a short film that will be screened in the gallery for the following six weeks.