PICA Salon

The PICA Salon is the flagship event for ART1000, PICA's award-winning donor program. An exhibition featuring a curated selection of local, national and international contemporary artists, PICA Salon 2012 celebrates the stellar history of Perth's leading contemporary arts organisation by showcasing artworks for sale by those involved in it's 23 year history.

Art Exhibition previously on at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) in Perth precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Sunday 22 July 2012 to Sunday 12 August 2012

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In 2012, PICA is offering a contemporary interpretation of the Salon. Acting as a modern jury of taste and culture, PICA will present artworks that reflect the multiplicity of mediums artists are working with today – from painting, drawing, sculpture and photography to performance, video, installation, live and bio-art. The proceeds from the sale of all artworks will go directly to the artists.

The Vernissage, the invitational opening night, is a must for those wishing to acquire a prize artwork, build their contemporary art knowledge and meet artists and other like-minded people.

Tickets to the PICA Salon Vernissage are strictly limited and exclusive to ART1000 Donors.

A donation of $1000, or more, will secure a place for the donor and their guest at the exclusive PICA Salon Vernissage. All donations will be invested in PICA’s ongoing learning and development programs for artists and audiences.

Donate online or by phone on (08) 9228 6300 Tax deductibility applies Enquiries: philanthropy@pica.org.au