A DIY movement? or keeping up appearences in heels?

Melbourne's underground will be filled with make-believe advertisments of models in PLATFORM shoes. These staged scenes explore parodies of high-end fashion, highlighting how accessories, images and shoes are only temporary in their permanence. The presence of the shoe further unleashes the never-ending criss cross garbo style hello sailor between fashion, art and, well, heels. *WATCH YOUR STEP*!

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 07 March 2008 to Monday 31 March 2008
Launch Friday 07 March 2008, 6-8pm opening night. Flinders St subway opening times 4 the rest.voila!

Platform Shoes image

Published by anonymous on Monday 11 February 2008.
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Degraves/Flinders St Subway CBD