the Mirage Project [iceberg]

Burrows spent seven weeks on the icy continent of Antarctica capturing the beauty of icebergs using a stereoscopic camera system which allowed him to photograph them in 3D. The result is [iceberg] an installation using binocular shaped ‘viewers’ positioned around Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square.

Art Exhibition previously on at Federation Square in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 03 August 2012 to Saturday 22 September 2012

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 17 July 2012.
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Each ‘viewer’ is strategically located in a position relative to the other viewers that recreates the actual scale of the iceberg. As an ensemble they create the spatial illusion of an outlook onto an invisible, parallel world that conveys the extraordinary experience, sense of wonder and discovery inspired by “getting up close” to an iceberg.

The wonder of the iceberg is reinforced by the contrast of reality against the urban backdrop of Federation Square.

“The goal of this project is to create a tangible sense of the scale and dimension of a real iceberg and for the viewer to question the spaces they observe while simultaneously I aim to offer an experience playful enough to engage the viewers curiosity and activate their imagination”, said Burrows.

[iceberg] is open to the public at Federation Square from 3rd August to 22nd September 2012 and is free of charge.

About the Mirage Project

The Mirage Projects is a series of work by David Burrows that started in May 2006 with [Nullarbor]. He has since added to the project with [Belleville] and now [iceberg].

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