Ethereal veil paintings and a recent 12-foot tall clear glass sculpture by Izhar Patkin (b. 1955, Israel) will be on view as the first in a new series of installations presenting work by artists in all media, as well as works from the Museum's permanent collection.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Jewish Museum in New York, United States.
From Friday 14 September 2012 to Sunday 03 February 2013
Launch Tuesday 11 September 2012, 10 am - 1 pm


Published by anonymous on Tuesday 17 July 2012.
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Curators will pursue projects that push artists’ work in new directions and advance new ideas about art and culture. Patkin’s artwork develops complex visual narratives and metaphors, often in relation to specific texts or stories. Using translucent, nontraditional materials that are often multidimensional, his paintings counter both the legibility of the post-Renaissance easel paintings and the Modernist concept of the sanctity of flat canvas support.