The video installation, Sanford Biggers and Jennifer Zackin: a small world..., is on view in the Museum's Barbara and E. Robert Goodkind Media Center.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Jewish Museum in New York, United States.
From Sunday 01 January 2012 to Sunday 14 October 2012

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 18 July 2012.
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In this video (1999-2001, 6 min. 30 sec.), Sanford Biggers and Jennifer Zackin juxtapose home movies of their families – one African American and one Jewish American – to explore the commonalities of middle-class life across racial lines. The silent footage was shot during the childhood of the artists in the 1970s, Biggers in California and Zackin in New York. The similarities in both family narratives are striking, and the tone is playful. The Biggerses and the Zackins celebrate birthdays, travel to Disneyland, and entertain at indoor and outdoor gatherings. Yet the split screen sets up two clearly delineated and nonintersecting worlds – black America and white America. As a whole, the artwork leaves open the question of whether a bridge exists between these two universes.