Kanazawa Study

Colour Factory Gallery, the Centre for Art & Architecture, and Kanazawa Art Port proudly present a new exhibition by represented artist Rohan Hutchinson. Rohan’s latest body of work, was produced on a dual artist residency at the Centre for Art & Architecture and Kanazawa Art Port, Japan, and continues Rohan’s ongoing research and interest in architecture and large format photography.

Art Exhibition previously on at Colour Factory Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 03 August 2012 to Saturday 01 September 2012
Launch Saturday 11 August 2012, 2pm

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Published by Colour Factory Gallery on Monday 23 July 2012.
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Rohan’s previous series, ‘8pm – 11pm’ 2008, documented the gentrification of Beijing’s impoverished districts over a one-year period in the lead up to the 2008 Olympics. The images, taken a night time, illustrate changes in the landscape over time and the social ramifications. The following series ‘Kamaikawa Sub-Prefecture’ 2010, studied the geographic and economic constraints in the building parameters of rural inner Hokkaido, Japan. The images demonstrate how these parameters can affect the aesthetics and longevity of structures placed in the environment. Set in the beautiful but unforgiving winter landscape the images show distant linear forms of architecture that are otherwise shrouded in white.

Rohan is trained in fine art large format photography, using both 4 × 5 inch and 8 × 10 inch view cameras. This specialized field is often used in the realms of high end fine art photography and architectural photography. The incredible, intricate detail allowed by these formats makes it the perfect choice for his subject matter.

Rohan’s new exhibition ‘Kanazawa Study’ explores how the difference in architectural design and materials has changed throughout diverse time frames and class systems in the Kanazawa region, Japan. Captured using a 8×10 inch view camera, the work posits the aesthetical differences between the architecture from the Edo period, being the living and working condition for the Royalty, Geisha and Merchants, to today’s contemporary spaces. The work is a rare insight into contemporary Japan, resulting in a 500-year overview of architectural practice within the region, beautifully presented in a varying selection of large-scale virtual architectural realms. The concepts and aesthetics of his previous series’ have led to the evolution of this remarkable exhibition that is not just for the lovers of art and photography but also those with an interest in Japan and architecture.

Rohan is represented by Colour Factory Gallery

Please join Rohan Hutchinson for an informal discussion on his exhibition ‘Kanazawa Study’ at CF Gallery this Saturday August 11, at 2pm.