Sara Maher: Night Air

My paintings and sculptures are windows through which an ephemeral view is glimpsed; an attempt to trace the infinitesimal through to the immense. Some works capture the elusive moment of a thing’s departure, while others record the traces left behind, alluding to its process of decay.

Art Exhibition previously on at Catherine Asquith Gallery (Archived) in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 14 August 2012 to Saturday 01 September 2012
Launch Saturday 18 August 2012, 2 to 4pm

Breath (sculpture) image Cumulus image Terra Firma image In Memory image In Memory, detail image Breath image Breath (sculpture), detail image Bird's Eye View image Night Sediment image Canopy image Impermanence image Shelter (sculpture), detail image Lying Low image The Fugitive image Peep image Shelter (sculpture) image

Published by anonymous on Monday 30 July 2012.
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In various ways my work reflects on the beauty of things as they leave our grasp; and in doing so, it highlights the ephemeral nature of human existence.

Through an evolving material knowledge of the media I work with, I seek to reveal and question the essence of material forms. The process behind my work is a continuous feedback between the choices I make and how materials respond. Nothing is predetermined. My large painted surfaces make use of ink, pigment and paper in ways that allow works to form through their own volition. As ink and pigment coalesce, as the paper accepts staining, as the surface grows, entities evolve, an ending reveals itself. Similarly my miniature watercolours hold the trace/residue of a process that was in flux, to record a moment that is both arriving and on the verge of slipping away. Within my small sculptures I form tenuous connections between materials in an attempt to suspend them in a state of near-collapse.

My works could be viewed as macrocosms and microcosms of nature .The large paintings are like aerial maps: fine lines drawn over or cut into these surfaces are like fragile constellation paths. Other works conjure ideas of the miniscule: breath dissolving into the atmosphere, walls in a state of de-materialisation, watercolour miniatures that draw the eye in through an unfolding of detail within detail. Often, the macro and the micro converge: a bottle of dandelions which reminds us of a cluster of stars for example. The works reveal momentary impressions of ephemeral encounters which lie beyond one’s grasp.

Works from this exhibition span over a three year period and are grounded in the solitude of two Tasmanian wilderness residencies in Lake St. Clair (winter 2010) and Queenstown (winter 2011) as well as family connections. Living in remote west coast locations, experiencing the vastness of the terrain, and the intensity of being there alone, I was acutely aware of both my attachment to the ephemeral natural world and my separation from loved ones. During this time I also met with the prospect of losing my mother and grandmother to cancer and the arrival of twin nieces – Hester and Zora. p> Some memories become permanently etched into the psyche, as if to remind us of something essential within. These are the memories I draw on when I am working in my studio late at night in suburban Hobart. In this atmosphere, I try to recognise moments when mental and physical landscape can be read as one terrain.


Born in Sydney, Sara is a Hobart based artist. She completed a Master of Fine Art and Design in printmaking at the Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania (2005), and a Diploma in painting and drawing at the Sydney Institute of Technology (1995).

Since completing her studies, Sara has undertaken two Arts Tasmania wilderness residencies (Maria Island 2006 and Lake St Clair 2010), and one self-initiated residency at Queenstown 2011. Sara’s recent solo shows include Inland (2011 – Landscape Art Research Queenstown, Tasmania),Memories of Space (2011 – Arts Tasmania, Hobart ), Passage (2008 – Moonah Arts Centre, Hobart)and Impossible Boundaries (2007 – Ten Days On The Island Festival, Maria Island).

Sara has participated in numerous group exhibitions including Shotgun (2010 – Contemporary Arts Spaces Tasmania, Hobart), and the City of Hobart Art Prize (2009 – Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart). She was awarded the Salamanca Collection Islington Art Prize (2007 – Salamanca Collection, Hobart).

Sara’s works are held in private collections both nationally and internationally.

For all enquiries including further images and/or a copy of the artist’s CV, please contact Catherine Asquith Gallery, (03) 9417 2828 or email

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