The World in London is a major public art project initiated by The Photographers’ Gallery, to coincide with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The project set out to commission 204 photographic portraits of 204 Londoners, each originating from one of the nations competing at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Photographers' Gallery in United Kingdom.
From Friday 27 July 2012 to Thursday 30 August 2012

Véronique Rolland, Snezana Lukka-Biesek, Russia image Max Hamilton, Laka, Mongolia image Mary McCartney, Lord Paul Swaraj, India  image Dennis Morris, Judith Craig Morency-Nalus & Afrykah-Amaya Morency-Nalus, Haiti image

Published by anonymous on Monday 30 July 2012.
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The portraits will be exhibited as large-scale posters at two sites close to Olympic venues: on the external wall surrounding the BT London Live site in Victoria Park in East London, and across a city-block in Central London covering the façade of the new Park House development in Oxford Street.

The World in London explores portraiture and cultural diversity using photography, one of the most accessible and democratic artistic mediums of our times. The project celebrates London as a place where individuals from all walks of life and all parts of the world live side by side, each of them contributing to make London the unique city it is. Emerging photographers will be shown alongside leading national and international artists, such as Faisal Adu’Allah (took the photograph for Benin), JH Engström (Georgia), Joakim Eskildsen (Czech Republic), LaToya Frazier (Cayman Islands), Toby Glanville (Venezuela), Jim Goldberg (Dominica), Dryden Goodwin (Syria), Tom Hunter (Iceland), Nadav Kander (Lesotho), Karen Knorr (Puerto Rico), Mary McCartney (India), Dennis Morris (Haiti), Anders Petersen (Serbia), Rankin (Niger), Stefan Ruiz (Djibouti), Nigel Shafran (Gabon), Alec Soth (Netherlands), Vanessa Winship (Colombia), Tom Wood (Barbados) and Catherine Yass (Hungary).

Portrait workshops held in the lead-up to The World in London provided training and skills development for participants new to photography. These resulted in ten portraits which will be featured as part of the project.

All of the photographers have been commissioned by The Photographers’ Gallery to take portraits of the sitters over the last three years. The image for Great Britain is a portrait of the late Alexander McQueen, the fashion designer legend who was photographed by American born photographer Andres Serrano in February 2009, a year before his untimely death.

To ensure its legacy, The World in London project, comprising a full set of portrait prints, along with supporting materials in the form of video, oral history and written interviews, will be donated to the Museum of London where it will form a part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Up until December 2012 when the donation will take place, The Photographers’ Gallery will continue its search for the final six sitters from the following Pacific countries: American Samoa, FS Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Palau.

Brett Rogers, Director of The Photographers’ Gallery said: As London’s premier institution for photography, we are proud to have initiated a project that engages with the cultural diversity of London at the same time as celebrating photography as one of the most powerful visual mediums of the 21st century. Commissioning such a variety of photographers has offered us an unrivalled opportunity to highlight the creative potential of the portrait genre. Whether seen through the eyes of a celebrated figure or realized by an emerging talent, these portraits reflect an impressive array of approaches to photographing the human figure.

Andrew Barnett, Director, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, UK said: It is one of the Foundation’s core aims to improve cultural understanding between cultures and through culture. The 204 portrait photographs of this innovative public art project challenge cultural stereotypes and help us to explore the rich diversity of our City, and fits squarely as part of the largest cultural celebration in the history of the modern Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

Moira Sinclair, London Executive Director of Arts Council England, said: London has a long history of welcoming the world; creating an environment where new cultures meet and become part of the very fabric of the city. The World in London will tell some of those stories through the powerful medium of photography, and show that many people from different backgrounds can all be united under the title ‘Londoner’. We are proud to support this project in what will be a very special Olympic year and look forward to seeing the works become part of the city landscape.

In addition to the outdoor exhibition, The World in London images will be presented on a dedicated website ( offering access to the personal stories behind each portrait. The website will also feature on the BBC and Arts Council England’s experimental arts media service and commissioning programme ‘The Space’. A free schools resource has also been produced.

The World in London is supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and by Arts Council England and is part of the London 2012 Festival, the 12-week nationwide celebration running from 21 June until 9 September 2012, which will bring together leading artists from across the world and the UK.

Exhibition: The World in London
Victoria Park Dates: 27 July – 12 August 2012
Park House Dates: 27 July – 30 August 2012
Press View: Wednesday 25 July 2012 at Victoria Park
Admission: Free
Venues: Victoria Park, E3; 453 – 497 Oxford Street, London, W1
Website: To be launched on 27 July 2012

The Photographers’ Gallery
The Photographers’ Gallery opened in 1971 in Great Newport Street, London, as the UK’s first independent gallery devoted to photography. It was the first public gallery in the country to exhibit many key names in international photography, including Juergen Teller (fashion), Robert Capa (photojournalism), Sebastião Salgado (documentary) and Andreas Gursky (contemporary art). The Gallery has also been instrumental in establishing contemporary British photographers including Martin Parr and Corinne Day. In 2009 the Gallery moved to 16 – 18 Ramillies Street, the first stage in its plan to create a 21st century home for photography. Following an eighteen month long redevelopment project the Gallery reopened to the public on Saturday, 19 May 2012. The success of The Photographers’ Gallery over the past four decades has helped to establish photography as a recognised art form, introducing generations of visitors to important names in photography and championing photography’s place at the heart of visual culture. The Gallery’s Chair of the Board of Trustees is Sir Brian Pomeroy, CBE.

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
The project is supported by the Gulbenkian Foundation under its Cultural Understanding theme. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is a European charitable foundation established in Portugal in 1956 with cultural, educational, social and scientific interests. Its founder, Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian, was an Armenian born near Istanbul. Multicultural and multilingual, and a noted art collector, he spent his career bringing people from different cultures and nationalities together. Based in Lisbon with branches in London and Paris, the Foundation is in a privileged position of being able to address national and transnational issues and to act as an ‘exchange’ for ideas. Thepurpose of the UK Branch, based in London, is to help enrich and connect the experiences of people in the UK and Ireland and secure lasting, beneficial change. One of our core aims is to improve cultural understanding between cultures and through culture.

Arts Council England
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Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival
The London 2012 Cultural Olympiad is the largest cultural celebration in the history of the modern Olympic and Paralympic Movements. Spread over four years, it is designed to give everyone in the UK a chance to be part of London 2012 and inspire creativity across all forms of culture, especially among young people. The culmination of the Cultural Olympiad will be the London 2012 Festival, a spectacular 12-week nationwide celebration bringing together leading artists from across the world with the very best from the UK, from Midsummers Day on 21 June and running until the final day of the Paralympic Games on 9 September 2012.The London 2012 Festival will celebrate the huge range, quality and accessibility of the UK’s world-class culture including dance, music, theatre, the visual arts, fashion, film and digital innovation, giving the opportunity for people across the UK to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Principal funders of the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival are Arts Council England, Legacy Trust UK and the Olympic Lottery Distributor. BP and BT are Premier Partners of the Cultural Olympiad and the London 2012 Festival. For more details on the programme and to sign up for information visit

London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Tower Hamlets is the heart of the East End. Rich in history, it presents a vibrant mix of old and new, creating a bustling community unique in culture and character. Taking its name from the Tower of London and the hamlets that surround it, Tower Hamlets covers an area of eight square miles and has a population of around 220,000. It is bounded by the Thames to the south and the boroughs of Newham (east), Hackney (north) and the City of London (west). As one of the six Olympic host boroughs, the council is looking to maximise the benefits that London 2012 will bring to the borough’s residents. Projects include the £11 million High Street 2012 programme which is rejuvenating the thoroughfare that links the city to the Olympic Park. Visit

BT London Live
BT London Live is a partnership between the Mayor of London, The Royal Parks and The London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and is a key part of the citywide programme of events being organised by the Mayor of London to celebrate the London 2012 Games. Throughout the Games, BT London Live is offering plenty of other opportunities for the public to catch London 2012 sporting action live on big screens and enjoy top flight entertainment for free.

Park House
Park House is a new development on Oxford Street commissioned by Land Securities who are currently Development Managers on behalf of the owners, Park House (Oxford St) Limited. Park House, a mixed use building consisting of retail, office and residential, is the first new major development on Oxford Street for many decades. Park House is proud to be chosen for this prestigious art project as one of two sites where the World in London is being exhibited. We thank the co-operation of Zara, Bershka and Urban Outfitters for giving their support to the exhibition being hosted within their retail units.

Tom Hunter Albrecht Fuchs Oliver Sieber Alessandra Sanguinetti LaToya Ruby Frazier Helen Sear Laura Pannack Luke Stephenson Seba Kurtis Simon Roberts Trish Morrissey Pieter Hugo Rinko Kawauchi Scotia Luhrs Rankin Koto Bolofo Bert Teunissen Anna Bauer Gavin Fernandes Dennis Morris Regine Petersen Riitta Ikonen Marianna Chojnacka Nadia Bettega Helen Dowling Trevor Appleson Fergus Padel Anders Petersen Kim Cunningham Jooney Woodward Pablo Bartholomew Emma Crichton Salvador Brown Luca Sage Daniel Stier Magali Nougarède Jane Hilton Anthony Luvera Andres Serrano Karen Grainger Sarah Shaughnessy Freya Najade Annie Mitchell Cuny Janssen Eva Vermandel Brijesh Patel Steve Pyke Koos Breukel John de Lima Harry Borden Sunil Gupta Kenneth O'Halloran JH Engström Korea David Moira Lovell Spencer Murphy Maggi Reading Fiona Essex Vanessa Winship Anastasia Taylor-Lind Melanie Stidolph Joy Gregory Sam Earl Stephen Shore Linda Brownlee Daniel Lillie Chiara Tocci Toby Glanville Richard Nicholson John McCafferty Max Hamilton Charles Fréger Niall O'Brien Jackie Nickerson Andrew Esiebo Jim Goldberg Jan Stradtmann Toby Coulson Penelope Umbrico Corinne Silva Joakim Eskildsen Melanie Manchot Markéta Luskacová Gabriella Sancisi Paul Floyd Blake Clare Strand Eileen Perrier James Russell Cant Stefan Ruiz Zed Nelson Muzi Quawson Paul Trevor Charlotte Player Michelle Sank Faisal Abdu'Allah Aimee Cowen Roy Mehta Vanda Vucicevic Mitra Tabrizian Poppy de Villeneuve Margaret de Lange Simone Koch Steve Schofield Hayley Louisa Brown Immo Klink Bettina von Zwehl Paulo Catrica Matthew Tomkins Margareta Kern Mikhael Subotzky Marysa Dowling Ian Macdonald Sal Idriss Gisela Torres Jason Evans Catherine Yass Anna Fox Othello De'Souza-Hartley Gauri Gill Jacqueline Hassink Barry Lewis Kalpesh Lathigra Dinu Li Maxwell Anderson Mary McCartney Edmund Clark Edgar Hoefs Karen Knorr James Tye Maria Kapajeva Steven Barritt Martin Parr Will Hibbert Marcia Michael Doug Dubois Emma Critchley Leonie Hampton Itai Doron Jim Naughten Gareth McConnell Leticia Valverdes Dryden Goodwin Jodi Bieber Julian Germain James O Jenkins Anastasia Khoroshilova Antanas Sutkus Gustavo Ten Hoever Bim Hjortronsteen Teresa Eng Kate Peters Nigel Shafran Catherine Balet Hassan Al-Mousaoy Sylwia Kowalczyk Tara Darby Andrew Buurman Albrecht Tübke Nelli Palomäki Murray Ballard Elina Brotherus Aidan O'Neill Wendy McMurdo Stuart Griffiths Andy Lopo Ellen Nolan David Denny Cheryl May Walker Suki Dhanda Victoria Birkinshaw Tom Wichelow Laura Braun Olivia Arthur Zanele Muholi Véronique Rolland Andre Penteado Briony Campbell Daniel Meadows Nick Waplington Bettina von Kameke Ian Teh Michael Danner Julie Cockburn Tessa Bunney Kate Elliott Maja Daniels Dana Popa Syd Shelton Polly Braden Tom Wood Nadav Kander Jo Metson Scott Alastair Thain Heather McDonough Alec Soth David Spero George Osodi Leslie Hakim-Dowek Sitora Adam Abdoulaye Moina Jason Otieno Edgard Kowouvi Sabrina Kalfau Judith Craig Morency-Nalus Asel Talipova Karoline Hjorth George Christian Claudia Macauley Liliana Camarena-Lamb Epifanio Muatetema Keisha Manuela Lopez Rosalie Russell Mihailo Milovanovic Mariam Awlia Petra Svitková Sangay Dorji Marie-Reine Ana Lavekau Abdulla Alkaabi Abdullahi Alazreg Adeline de Monseignat Adoracion Dizon Aizak Buyondo Alexander McQueen Alison Tucker Amit Ginbar Amna Hussain Andleen Razzaq Andrea Sarsoza Angela Brady Apostolos Gkoumas Arezo Jodairi Alafkar Ariesta Setrowidjojo Aris Aristidou Audrey Yeo Ayna Narliyeva Baindu Bright Benito Wheatley Beso Uznadze Birkin Anonymous Bruce Casalis Bukky Bababunmi Carlos Alberto de Melo Carmen Barreda Catalina Posada Castro Catherine Teya Corina Armel Cristina Chiarelli David McDonagh Dina Marchant Donna Philip-Forde Edward Greaves Eglantina Isaku Elaine Murzi Eliza Chan Emely Dlamini Enke Bayr Eon Paul Eric Bledman Ery Nzaramba Eseta Ma'u Pinkstone Esmes Thawe Eugenia Francis Eva Ágústsdóttir Fabienne Nicholas Fabrice Lundamo Federico Podeschi Fernando Casasempere Gabriel Petik Gaelle Tavernier Gertrude Goode Guillermo Pedernera Haifa Hammami Hazem El-Refaey Helena Kaker Herbert Bukari Hisako Ikeda Idil Ahmed Aden Idrica Djalo Igor Haefeli Igor Klikovac India Dane Ngatama May Inga Griffin Isaac Odje Ismail Gumbo Ismail Niyaz Ivana Grant Jaafar Alhasabi Jane Aavik Janne Birgette Jensen Jenny E Schmidt Jessica Mirella Luong Jessy Burrow Jill Darrell Joan Murphy Joanna Greco João Penalva Jomah Mohammadi Jose Felisberto Joyce Mutebe Juan Carlos Fleytas Torres Julia Esther Badman Kadialy Kouyate Kamagate Soualuo Karina Samura Katherine Francey Keiko Olewa Ono Kiara Zara Daroczi Kitt Kara Ksenia Ovsyanick L.G. Gayan Latifa Anbari Debar Lena Ohlsson Leon Honeysett Lia Peres Lillian Lu Linda Santos Lord Swraj Paul Madalitso Mbewe Majed Mnahi Mamita Woodward María del Pilar Blanco Maria Mallalieu Maria Rosa Picart Marianne Majerus Maribel David Marta Rygol Melville Michael Meredith Asheri Michael Guy Minna Halmetoja Miroslav Stoykov Morning-Star Rosario Mosi Conde Mouna Hamitouche Mr Chamsi-Pasha Mubejel Araf Baban Nabeel El Hersh Nahla Al-Ageli Nelly Hovsepyan Nicola Pejovic Ninian Gomez Niny Borges Niso Davlatova Noh Ali Abakar Hassan Olga Nding-Yitu Olha Pryymak & Roman Omer Nasser Orlando Argieri Oscar Teran Pablo Behrens Pedro Garcia Pimjai Ponsawan Quentin Lopez-Barillas Raj Bahadur Gurung Rasha Kahil Rayna Cooke Ferner Rebecca Toma Reomy Darell Ngami Reverend David Haokip Robert Patrick Misigaro Rupi Amin Sabina Rakcheyeva Samira Hashi Sei Moon Seilala Mapusua Selma Lakhoua Serena Viti Sidi Lemine Skye Chirape Snezana Lukka Souksomchai Inthisane Souleymane Koanda Stephen Lui Nam NG MBE Suliana Barber Syarif Rasani Tash Aw Tehetna Grala Terry Norris Thanh Vu Theresa Kesselstatt Tigana Wesa Sari Tim Tyrrell Toma Grybauskaite Tony Matola Tooti Howarth Trisha Jean-Marie Tsepo Ramoholi Turkan Tekdemir Velika Janceva Vitalie Musteata Wilco van Kleef-Bolton Xinran Xue Yacouba Dao Yasmeen Elajou Sevinche Aicha Abdoulaye Yasmina Evans Omondi Tafari Kowouvi Maxwell Ridley Afrykah-Amaya Morency-Nalus Andre Bouverie Asaad Bazaraa Christine Christian Frank Macauley Frida Lamb-Camarena Gertrudis Echuaka Leighkwon Manuel Rankine Maggie Russell Miomir Milovanovic Mohammed Awlia Petra Chrenkova Sonam Yangchen Storm Bouchereau Takenivula Rakei Sabohat Yasser Abdoulaye Attika Dan Walter Odamo Selhom Kowouvi Stephanie Ridley Nafisa Yasmine Abdoulaye The Photographers' Gallery