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ADAM SIMMONS sound barriers 14th August to 1st September 2012 Opening: Saturday 18th August, 2 to 4pm Artist Statement:

Art Exhibition previously on at Catherine Asquith Gallery (Archived) in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 14 August 2012 to Saturday 01 September 2012
Launch Saturday 18 August 2012, 2 to 4pm

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 07 August 2012.
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I need a sense of purpose in my art-making. It might be that I am trying to evoke a certain emotion, it might be commenting on a theme such as technology or communication, or maybe trying to just explore the possibility of the instrument/materials that I am working with. I like to have a reason for doing things – though, sometimes this only becomes apparent afterwards – but it is not necessary for others to share the same feeling.

I have been greatly dismayed and concerned about the current political environment and the lack of vision, strength, generosity, charity, empathy in regard to a number of issues, including mining, refugees and art/music. And this is not necessarily one side of politics or the other, but rather it is pervasive throughout the wider community. I believe that art plays a strong role in developing greater understanding and appreciation of others through the sharing of ideas and the posing of questions.

The main works of this show are commenting in some way on the treatment of refugees. It’s not necessary to be aware of this, to appreciate them as artworks, but despite the simplicity of these boxes, please keep in mind that there are several layers of meaning or experience intended.

From a more aesthetic angle, many of these works are playing with a sense of motion and fluidity – either through the changing shapes of the paper or by the implied movement of the boxes. It is of great interest to me as to how my sense of understanding and playing with physical space is developing.


Adam Simmons has been a professional jazz musician for many years now, having played with significant international and local talent over the past 2 decades. His repertoire includes the saxophone, clarinet and flute families as well as shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute); and the fujara (Slovakian wooden flute), and his ensembles are extensive. Interdisplinary collaborations have included the Melbourne Workers Theatre (theatre); Lloyd Jones (theatre); Peter Blizzard (visual arts, scuplture); Giancarlo Gelsomino (visual arts, painting/sculpture); Tim McNeilage (visual arts, photography); and Danceworks (dance); to name but a few.

Recent commissions include “Pandora’s box,” a short work for Michael Kieran Harvey and Speak Percussion, performing on toy piano and music boxes to be performed at the Melbourne International Arts Festival (2012), 2009 Commission for Sebclear Stage Band’s 30th Anniversary; “Concerto for Piano & Toy Band,” 65 minute work commissioned for Michael Keiran Harvey and Adam Simmons Toy Band (funded by Australia Council) (2008); Art Omi Music Residency (USA), Guest Curator (2006); and a Special Award from the Freedman Foundation (2004). Adam has produced a number of recordings in addition to having participated in numerous music festivals.

Since 2012 Adam has performed solo and in ensemble at MONA FOMA (Jan), toured with pianist Erik Griswold (Mar), Four Winds Festival (April), musical direction for the creative development of EXIT by Tania Bosak (Apr), a group exhibition at fortyive downstairs, UNFOLD (Apr), toured France, Italy and Germany (May), recorded two CD projects with his trio Origami (Jun) in addition to, two collaborations with Speak Percussion, (performing on his music boxes), as well as Origami performing at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival and Darebin Music Feast.

Adam began working as a visual artist in Oct 2009, with his debut solo exhibition in July 2010. Adam was a finalist in the 2010 Woollahra Prize and in 2011 for The Hutchins Prize, Deakin Small Scuplture Award, and received a High Commendation for the Banyule Award. Adam is represented in The National Museum of Szczecin.

For all enquiries including further images and/or a copy of the artist’s CV, please contact Catherine Asquith Gallery, (03) 9417 2828 or email

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