Daniel Crooks

Daniel Crooks’ inaugural exhibition at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney will open in August. For almost a decade Crooks has been at the forefront of cutting-edge Australian video art.

Art Exhibition previously on at Anna Schwartz Gallery - Sydney in Chippendale precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 22 August 2012 to Saturday 29 September 2012

Moon Bridge image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 14 August 2012.
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Following successful presentations in Marking Time, the exhibition that re-launched the MCA, and in Parallel Collisions, at the Adelaide Biennial, this exhibition will feature photographic and video works that manipulate the very notions of the portrait, the landscape and of space and time.

Crooks’ engaging and mesmeric street scenes reflect the complexity of urban life; the laneways breathe – contracting and expanding; creating a seemingly impossibly world of perpendicular streets.

In other videos, Crooks returns to the initial emblem of moving images – the train; that fulcrum of time, relativity and cinema. These will further develop the time fracturing aspects for which the artist is celebrated.

The exhibition will also feature dramatic, photographic portraits, up to 4m x 4m in size. By referencing the realities of early painted portraits which often involved the sitter spending considerable periods of time with the artist, similarly, Crooks’ custom designed motion control system will produce “Holbein” portraits of the artist’s friends and their workplaces.