Signal 8 Exhibition-Storm at The Cat Street Gallery

An exhibition of contemporary Australian art

Defection-Anthony White image Regime image Install shots before opening night image Signal 8 Hong Kong Exhibition Storm image Signal 8 Hong Kong Exhibition Storm  image

The Cat Street Gallery is delighted to announce that the gallery’s annual salon show is back for a fifth year, with a special Australian twist. 'Signal 8: STORM' brings a selection of works by some of country's most prominent contemporary artists, as well as pieces from its celebrated emerging talent.

Art Exhibition previously on in Hong Kong.
From Thursday 09 August 2012 to Monday 10 September 2012


The Cat St Gallery
222 Hollywood Rd
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong

The Cat Street Gallery is proud to continue it’s cultivation of a sustained dialogue between contemporary Australian artists and Hong Kong’s rapidly developing art scene. This year the gallery brings a curator’s pick of yet more rich and dynamic art to the region, and for the first time since it opened, The Cat Street Gallery’s iconic front glass windows will be used as part of the exhibition.

Archibald finalist artist, Juan Ford, has created a special installation for the show, which will take over the gallery – setting a dramatic tone for this unique exhibition. Ford’s moody ‘Conference of Birds’, is a spectacular and arresting image, evoking dark storm clouds with the intensity of its blackest part, and a magic delicacy with its lightest, becoming all the more surreal as it wraps around the building.

Inside the exhibition, the dramatic mood will continue, with bold colors, surreal shapes, multi-media – whether playing on the importance of nature and landscape, as is key in so many Australian artist’s work, or the notion of a convergence of ideas and talent, ‘Signal 8: STORM’ presents a contrasting and collaborative mix of artists, listed here for the first time:

Giles Alexander, Lionel Bawden, Jason Benjamin, Paul Davies, Daniel De’Angeli, Marian Drew, Juan Ford, Todd Hunter, Alan Jones, Tony Lloyd, Camie Lyons, James McGrath, Linton Meagher, Kirsteen Pieterse, Reko Rennie, Ward Roberts, Julie Rrap, Jason Sim, Marc Standing, Tim Summerton and Anthony White.