Nick Mount: Glass

Object: Australian Design Centre is pleased to present the seventh Living Treasure: Masters of Australian Craft exhibition, Nick Mount: Glass in the Main Gallery space from 8 September to 3 November 2012.

Art Exhibition previously on at Object Gallery (Closed - see Australian Design Centre) in Surry Hills precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 08 September 2012 to Saturday 03 November 2012
Launch Saturday 08 September 2012,

Plum image Scent bottle combination image Black scent bottle, Granulare fruit and Olive image White scent bottle, Murrini fruit and Pear image

Published by anonymous on Monday 20 August 2012.
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Nick Mount is one of Australia’s most accomplished and celebrated studio glass artists. Fast approaching his fifth decade working in the field, he has been at the forefront of innovation and achievement since the early 1970s. As such, it was only fitting that Nick was awarded his status as Object’s seventh Living Treasure in the Masters of Australian Craft series.

Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft celebrates the achievements of Australia’s iconic and influential practitioners with over 30 years professional practice. This recognition is an opportunity to promote the work of these Australian artists whose exemplary skills have been recognised by their peers. The Living Treasures series was launched in 2005 by Object: Australian Design Centre.

Informed but not confined by tradition, Nick is known for his production, commission and exhibition work. Since the late 1990s the latter has comprised an evolving series of Scent Bottles. Sculptural assemblages that range in scale and character, they offer ‘limitless potential’ and combine a respect for traditional Venetian glassmaking techniques with a wry Australian wit.

Nick’s new series of exquisite glasswork pieces is titled The Fabric of Work.

“This exhibition expresses the central themes and aesthetics of my work over the last few years. The Scent Bottles, Plumb Bobs, Bubbles and Still Life compositions explain an evolution that weaves a ‘yarn’ into a simple ‘fabric’, supporting my belief in the importance of family, community and hand work.”
– Nick Mount

To accompany the exhibition, a monograph, Nick Mount: the Fabric of Work, has been written by Dr Tony Hanning. With luscious full colour plates of past and current works, this publication is available through Object’s Collect store online.

Alongside the exhibition there will also be a special ‘In Conversation With’ event on Saturday 8 September at 11am in the Object Gallery, where Nick will discuss his inspirations and practice with Brian Parkes, JamFactory CEO.