roads cross

Curators Vivonne Thwaites, Fiona Salmon, Anita Angel

Art Exhibition previously on at Flinders University City Gallery in Adelaide precinct, South Australia, Australia.
From Friday 29 June 2012 to Sunday 26 August 2012

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Published by anonymous on Monday 20 August 2012.
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Since the late 20th century, opportunities to engage with Australian Aboriginal art, its makers and their communities have increasingly informed Western approaches to art-making. roads cross explores how this development has left traces and echoes in recent Australian art – literally, in terms of subject matter and direct collaboration, and formally or conceptually, as expressed through art and ideas. More broadly, the project underscores the place of art as a means of dialogue, a platform for communication between Australia’s Indigenous and settler peoples.

Alison Alder, Nyukana Baker, Lauren Berkowitz, Robin Best, Angela Brennan, Yaritji Connelly, Gus Clutterbuck, Richard Dunn, pura-lia meenamatta (Jim Everett), Franck Gohier, Jonathan Kimberley, Ildiko Kovacs, Pamela Lofts, Molly Nampitjin Miller, Una Rey, Tobias Richardson, Therese Ritchie, Nalda Searles, Quentin Sprague, Rover Thomas, Hossein Valamanesh.