Petherick's multi-disciplinary practice considers media and material in a constant state of shifting in and out of any fixed body. His installations of sculpture, video/audio and "image objects" place emphasis on the grey areas that open up through systems of manifold production and translation, from one context or material to the next.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gertrude Contemporary in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 24 August 2012 to Saturday 22 September 2012
Launch Friday 24 August 2012, 6-8PM


Published by anonymous on Monday 20 August 2012.
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The devices, structural principles and parergon that surround or support an artwork become central to the work itself, as do the qualities of chance and misunderstanding that accompany acts of translation and process.
This month Petherick presents his “Glass Tables”, a recalibration of a recent video work in the studio 12 gallery.

Recent presentations include: Nachinat-Glazz-Smot-Messel-Vareet-Dorogoy, 2012, The Common Guild (for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2012), Glasgow; Chinatown, the Sequel, 2012, curated by Liv Barrett, Los Angeles; Big Refrigerator, 2012, Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland; Saratogian Bedding (solo), 2011, Croy Nielsen, Berlin; Social Sculpture, 2011, curated by Charlotte Day, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney; ACCA ART#2, 2011, curated by Hannah Mathews and Juliana Engberg, Horsham Art Gallery, Australia; with forthcoming solo presentations at The Vanity, Los Angeles (2012) and Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne (2013).

Joshua Petherick is represented by Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland and Croy Nielsen, Berlin.