Cut With a Knife

A NETS Victoria touring exhibition curated by Emily Jones

Art Exhibition previously on at Latrobe Regional Gallery in Gippsland precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 30 June 2012 to Sunday 19 August 2012

grafting #1, 1996-1997 image Savings 11  image Between the Lines, 2011 (4 works) image Incomplete notes from timespace tourism (1-6)  image Flohetrauling image Circles Passing (page 43) image BBQ this Sunday (end of the world as we know it) image Suspended Anima- 1 image

Published by anonymous on Monday 20 August 2012.
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Cut with the kitchen knife surveys the current manifestations of collage in contemporary art; a movement which takes as its starting point the absurdist collages arising from the highly influential Dadaist movement of the early twentieth century.

Less concerned with addressing the problems of the picture plane and more those of an existential nature, works on paper have been selected from contemporary Australian and international artists who traverse the surface, relay absurdisms and reorganise obsessive collections.

Featuring works by artists including Christian Capurro, Simon Evans, Elizabeth Gower, Mandy Gunn, Deborah Kelly, Nicholas Mangan, Stuart Ringholt, Joan Ross and Heather Shimmen, Cut with the kitchen knife explores the use of collected material; arranging and reordering as a means of interacting with, and thus shaping, the physical world.