About, above: Part 1

Kirsten Bradley

Three cardboard planetariums installed throughout the Sydney CBD, rain, hail or shine. You are welcome to duck inside, and to stand for a moment (or as long as you like) inside a solar-powered simulation of the night sky.

Art Exhibition previously on in Sydney precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 22 February 2008 to Saturday 23 February 2008
Launch Friday 22 February 2008, Sunrise to sunset, each day.

Cardboard Planetarium, Hyde Park. image

Published by anonymous on Monday 18 February 2008.
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The splendor of the night sky has been a source of wonder, discovery and agitation for our species throughout human history. The observation of the heavens has defined religions, revolutionized scientific thought, guided navigators, and inspired countless mythologies. It has been said that ‘they who cannot see the night sky, cannot see…’

In most urban environments, and cities in particular, light pollution renders the night sky down to a few of the brightest stars and planets, obscuring the majority of what has been so essential to our species’ development. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Perhaps the stimulus of stargazing is not essential to a happy life. But just in case…

These cardboard universes, created with pinholes, contain a starchart accurate to 12 Midnight on Friday 22nd Feb, 2008. A solar-powered simulation of what is hidden, about and above, on a nightly basis.

About, above is a project in two parts, created by Kirsten Bradley during her time as Artist-in-Residence at Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney. Part 1 is the installation and documentation of Cardboard Planetariums throughout the Sydney CBD in mid-February 2008. Part 2 is an installation at First Draft Gallery in April, 2008.

About, above looks at pattern recognition and simulation, how we view ‘nature’, and what constitutes ‘the natural’ at this point in western thought. In a world out of balance, About, above also touches on points of Geocentricism, and asks how, as an urbanised culture, have we chosen to see as we do, for all this time.


This project has been made possible by Firstdraft Gallery through their Emerging Artist-in-residence program, and by EXPERIMENTA through their Media Art Mentorship program.


Various locations within the Sydney CBD. Check http://thejunefox.com for details.