Katy Mutton: Secret Aerodrome No.2

A Collection of New Work by Katy Mutton

Secret Aerodrome No.2 is a contemporary exploration into a family narrative of grief and longing. The loss came from the accidental death of RAF serviceman No. 406030 on February 12, 1942, at Secret Aerodrome No.2, Palembang, Indonesia. The pieces examine the imaginings of a family trying to come to terms with his death in an unfamiliar place and culture.

Art Exhibition previously on in Manuka precinct, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
From Thursday 27 September 2012 to Sunday 07 October 2012
Launch Thursday 27 September 2012, 6pm - 8pm

In the air image Of the earth image

Published by Katy Mutton on Friday 07 September 2012.
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It also considers the 10 years his father spent corresponding with authorities in an effort to have the missing grave found and his son repatriated.
The works are made up of methodical, immersive mark making, drawn from imagery, objects and documentation directly related to the family and events.

The show features an installation of over 3000 paper planes and a collection of ink and pen drawings.


Canberra Contemporary Art Space – Manuka
19 Furneaux Street, Forrest
Canberra ACT