Synaesthesia: Music of colour and mind

Apparently, some people can see music and hear colour, things like that. This so-called 'condition' (blessing?) is called 'synaesthesia'. David's been interested in (jealous of) this rather singular state of being for a while. He has a friend, in fact, who has it, and has explained to him in some detail how it feels and works.

Art Exhibition previously on at Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart precinct, Tasmania, Australia.
From Saturday 03 November 2012 to Sunday 04 November 2012

Synaesthesia: Music of colour and mind image

Published by Museum of Old and New Art on Friday 14 September 2012.
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This concert – hosted by MONA and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra – is a fancy-pants exploration of the synaesthesic state. It’s a two-day sound and colour fest, with over a hundred performers popping up all over the shop. The museum will be closed to the regular punters for the duration of the weekend. Feasts are included. It’s pricey, yes, but will be totally amazing…

Only 400 tickets are available, for more information click here