That '8Os Show

Presented by QUT Art Museum

Art Exhibition previously on in Brisbane precinct, Queensland, Australia. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 20 February 2008. Thursday 24 January 2008 to Sunday 30 March 2008.

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The 1980s are marked by various phenomena: pastel, Gordon Gekko greed, big and bad hair, brand-naming on attire, Post-Modernism, the list continues. But what were artists doing?

Some commentators suggest that PoMo introspection was the flavour of the day. Many artists, though, were more concerned with the processes of making art, rather than philosophical underpinnings. Such artists were working in fields that fed PoMo but weren’t necessarily part of it: the political, the figurative and the abstract.

That ‘80s Show features holdings from the QUT Art Collection, following the 2002 exhibition The Seventies and Australian Painting: A Dialogue of Styles.

Curated by Gordon Craig


QUT Art Museum
2 George Street, Brisbane Qld 4001
QUT Gardens Point Campus, next to City Botanic Gardens